Pyrite Formation in Organic rich Clay Calcitic and Coal

Abstract The early diagenetic characteristics of pyrite formation processes in a Miocene freshwater sequence of mixed sediments coal fragments in clays sandstones or shales alternating with continuous brown coal layers was investigated Based on abundant minerals the following main sedimentary environments were distinguished the illite montmorillonitic I M calcitic Ct and coal

Surface Chemical Characterisation of Pyrite Exposed to

2018320 ensp 0183 enspThe positive ion signals confirm that exposure of pyrite to A ferrooxidans results in significant modifiion of the surface chemical speciation The positive ion fragments are dominated by Fe and short chain C x H y x ≤ 6 over the course of exposure to HH medium and A ferrooxidans

Effect of sample storage on the kinetics of pyrite

The effect of sample storage in argon and in air on the kinetics of oxidation of pyrite from a coal source was studied International Symposium on Fundamental Aspects of Corrosion Protection by Surface Modifiion Vol 843 Mitchell D and Woods R 1978 Analysis of oxidized layers on pyrite surfaces by xray

Biodesulfurization of coal with Acidithiobacillus caldus and analysis

Biodesulfurization of coal with Acidithiobacillus caldus and analysis of the interfacial interaction interfacial interaction between cells and coal pyrite surface with the deduce the chemical speciation transformation of pyrite modified by

Philip L Walker Jr Papers

Reactivity of Heat Treated Coals Analytical Methods for Coal and Coal Products Vol 2 465 494 Surface Treated Activated Carbon for Removal of Ammonia from Water Separation Science and Technology Vol 13 487 499 Thermal Desorption Analysis of Oxygen Surface Complexes on Carbon Carbon Vol 16 35 39

how does pyrite affect the utilisation and processing of coal

Analysis of surface modification on coal pyrite SAIMM between coal and pyrite is that the hydrophilic surface of Department of Energy Utilization and Chemical Engineering on coal pyrite for 20 minutes resulted in radiation damage to the surface The peaks of FeS2 and FeS overlap but can be distin guished by

Influence of surface modification by sulfuric acid on

It indicated that the content of inorganic minerals on coal surface decreased but the organic materials carbon on coal surface increased after pretreated by sulfuric acid It seemed that the inorganic minerals reacted with H and the ions shed from coal surface which also be described in ash content and SEM analysis

Surface Spectroscopic Studies of Factors Influencing

Read Surface Spectroscopic Studies of Factors Influencing Xanthate Adsorption on Coal Pyrite Surfaces Surface and Interface Analysis on DeepDyve the largest online rental service for scholarly research with thousands of academic publications available at your fingertips


exploit the differences in wettability and floatability between coal and pyrite coal and ash and valuable mineral and gangue The success of separation processes can be positively affected by selectively modifying the particle s surface properties to impart the desired wettability and floatability in fine particles

Analysis of surface modification on coal pyrite

Analysis of surface modification on coal pyrite Continuous scanning speed 2° min Sampling interval 0 02° Results and discussion Figures 4–6 show the diffraction patterns of fresh initially oxidized and electrochemically reduced coal pyrite The patterns show the following features The characteristic of FeS2 is the strong peaks at

Evolved Gas Analysis a New Method for Determining Pyrite

Proceeds 8th Ann W V Surface Mine Drainage Task Force Symp Morgantown West ia 4 7 8 87 Surface 16 pages The U S Bureau of Mines has developed an evolved gas analysis technique that may be useful for the simultaneous determination of pyrite bicarbonate and alkaline earth carbonate in

A study on the thermal decomposition of coalderived pyrite

The thermal behavior of coalderived pyrite as well as ferrous sulfide compound during heat treatments was investigated by temperatureprogrammed decomposition–mass spectrometer analysis TPD

Foundation Problems and Pyrite Oxidation in the

weathering and dissolution in the zone of pyrite nodules react with the pyrite and create a mild sulfuric acid in the creek Several current and abandoned landfills and an abandoned coal processing plant are in the area but landfill effluent and surface runoff from


Dec 12 2011 · The objective of proximate analysis indicates the percentage by weight of the Fixed Carbon Volatiles Ash and Moisture Content in coal The amounts of fixed carbon and volatile combustible matter directly contribute to the heating value of coal Fixed carbon acts as a main heat generator during burning

A method for generating uniform size segregated pyrite particle

Previous research 14 15 indicates that differences in grain size i e surface The methods were evaluated through a combination of SEM analysis and batch dissolution experiments SED 002 Texas nodular sedimentary within coal pyrite 1 97 This procedure a modified version of a method used by Paschka and

A Provenance Study of Mineral Matter in Coal from CDC

This study presents geochemical data produced from the analysis of coal and adjacent rock samples Pyrite is the most commonly found sulfide mineral Gluskoter et al 1977 rare earth elements readily form 3 ions under earth surface condi when primary mineral matter is destroyed or modified and may be

Acid Mine Drainage Office of Surface Mining

Acid mine drainage AMD has been a detrimental by product of coal mining for many years At present acid mine drainage continues to pose a potential problem in some areas despite improved prediction and prevention techniques Acid Mine Drainage Research Acid mine drainage AMD has been the subject of intensive research since the 1960 s

Crystal Growth and Surface Modification of Pyrite for PDXScholar

Mar 14 2018 Crystal Growth and Surface Modification of Pyrite for Use as a found in both gold and coal among many other materials thus effectively removing pyrite High sulfur activity meaning the scientific term of a high effective

analysis of surface modification on coal pyrite

Analysis Of Surface Modification On Coal Pyrite Analysis of surface modifiion on coal pyrite SAIMM 2009827 ensp· enspAnalysis of surface modifiion on coal pyrite for 20 minutes resulted in radiation damage to the surface proving that the cover had poor thermal stability

Arsenic in Coal USGS

Arsenic in Coal Combustion Products USGS studies indicate that during coal combustion in modern coal fired utilities 90–100 percent of arsenic is Figure 2 Elemental maps and microprobe analysis points showing distribution of arsenic As in pyrite in two Alabama coal samples Maps are false color images using a thermal intensity scale

Composition and Pyrite Morphology of Materials Separated from Coal

The samples were analyzed for 30 elements and X ray diffraction patterns were run to indicate mineralogical conglomerate pyrite due to higher surface area

Comparison Analysis of Coal Biodesulfurization and Coal s

Comparison Analysis of Coal Biodesulfurization and Coal s Pyrite Bioleaching with Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans Fen Fen Hong 1 Huan He 1 Jin Yan Liu 2 Xiu Xiang Tao 1 Lei Zheng 3 and Yi

Standard Test Methods for Proximate Analysis of Coal and

Note 1 The ash obtained differs in composition and amount from the mineral constituents present in the original coal Combustion causes an expulsion of all water the loss of carbon dioxide from carbonates the conversion of iron pyrite into iron oxides and sulfur oxides and other chemical reactions

Coal Structure and properties of coal Britannica

Coal Coal Structure and properties of coal The plant material from which coal is derived is composed of a complex mixture of organic compounds including cellulose lignin fats waxes and tannins As peat formation and coalification proceed these compounds which have more or less open structures are broken down and new compounds primarily aromatic benzenelike and

Vol 33 No 4 December 2014Institute of

Mineral surface modifiion induced by low energy ion irradiation Impliions for solarwind exposure effects in lunar soil ZHU Yongchao FU Xiaohui XU Lin ZHANG Feng ZHENG Yongchun and ZOU Yongliao 357 Accumulation and speciation of selenium in

Surface Mining Gold Washing Machines

surface mining gold washing machines ecdin co in Small Scale Gold Ore Washing Machines South Africa portable gold washing machine – SAMAC Coal Surface gold mining and washing machines usa 2013 small scale gold

Preferential oxidation of pyrite as a function of morphology and relict

Keywords Brunner Coal Measures BCM framboidal pyrite acid rock drainage ARD humidity cell scanning electron microscopy oxidation of pyrite will occur when this mineral surface is denote outliers the number of S analyses used to make this figure is modified version of protocols given in D5744 96 American


CiteSeerX Document Details Isaac Councill Lee Giles Pradeep Teregowda Abstract A geochemical model was developed as part of the site investigation to characterize current geochemical conditions in coal refime disposal areas and to support a modification to the reclamation plan at a closed underground coal mine in southern Illinois The model provided significant insight into the

Flotation of oilagglomerated coal for ash and pyrite

20191013 ensp 0183 enspThe surface control is meant to encompass surface modifiion during grinding and laboratory beneficiation testing During this period research efforts were focused on 1 ESCA analysis of pulverized and wet ground Illinois number sign 6 and Pittsburgh number sign 8 coal samples used in the sulfur forms analysis were carried out

Density Function Study of the Interaction of a Surface

2018111 ensp 0183 enspA density function approach has been used to screen an appropriate surface modifier for oxidized coal to enhance its hydrophobicity in a flotation process Two oxidized coal surface models coal–COOH and coal–COONa based on the substitution of 10fused benzene rings with COOH and COONa functional groups have been constructed to mimic the surface hydrophilic sites at acidic and

Pyrite Coal Kentucky Geological Survey University of

Pyrite FeS 2 is the most common sulfide mineral in coal and a major source of the sulfur in coal Pyrite can form in peat while the peat is accumulating or can form in peats from the introduction of sulfate SO 4 into the peat if the peat was buried by marine waters such pyrite is called syngenetic or authigenic pyrite Within the buried peat the sulfate is reduced to sulfide S 2 which

surface coal parts

1921 Coal Mining Surface Plants and Equipment New For 2012 1921 Roberts and Schaefer Coal Mining Surface Plants and Equipment on CD 15 Coal was the basic More parts and function of surface grinder Coal Crusher surface grinder parts and functions – Grinding Mill China function of the parts of surface grinding machine – Gold

Flotation of oil agglomerated coal for ash and pyrite

The surface control is meant to encompass surface modification during grinding and laboratory beneficiation testing During this period research efforts were focused on 1 ESCA analysis of pulverized and wet ground Illinois number sign 6 and Pittsburgh number sign 8 coal samples used in the sulfur forms analysis were carried out

Coal surface control for advanced fine coal flotation

The initial goal of the research project was to develop methods of coal surface control in advanced froth flotation to achieve 90 pyritic sulfur rejection while operating at Btu recoveries above 90 based on run of mine quality coal Moreover the technology is to concomitantly reduce the ash

Optimal Number of Contact Angle Measurements on Pyrite Surface

Contact angle measurement is a simple and quick method that expresses the surface wettability Resulting values vary and depend on many factors that significantly affect the interpretation of results In this paper a set of seventeen samples from different deposits with different genesis were subjected to a statistical evaluation to determine the optimal number of measurements needed to

Full text of A selective bibliography of surface coal

Full text of A selective bibliography of surface coal mining and reclamation literature See other formats

US4775627A Coal desulfurization using bacteria

The invention relates to the desulfurization of high sulfur coal and specifically to the removal of pyrite from high sulfur coal via separation processes based on relative hydrophobicity The surfaces of the pyrite particles are modified so as to be more hydrophilic by preconditioning of the coal with a culture of thiophilic bacteria such as Thiobacillus ferroxidans and the coal is then

Projects Center for Advanced Separation Technologies

After coal is liberated from the pyrite and trace elements it will be floated using starvation quantities of frother and collector in order to minimize the casual flotation of coal pyrite Other reagents of pyrite depressants and coal agglomerates will not be used unless they are highly required

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