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Cesium chloride an alkaline mineral salt is a natural mineral that is found in various parts of the world It s ability to penetrate the cell wall of cancer cells is one of the reasons that it is often recommended for quotHigh pH Therapy quot

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Cesium chloride can also be used as a density medium Inorganic salts are popular densitygradient media However the density of solvated SWCNTs in cesium chloride solutions was found to be approximately 1 4 g cm −3 36 Therefore the concentration of CsCl should be adjusted to be approximately 42 5 w w 36 However at such high salt

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CESIUM FLUORIDE Caesium fluoride 13400130 Cesium monofluoride Cesium fluoride CsF

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Cesium is an element In its natural state cesium is not radioactive However it can be made radioactive in the laboratory People use both forms of cesium for medicine Despite serious safety concerns nonradioactive cesium is taken by mouth for treating cancer This

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Caesium chloride or cesium chloride is the inorganic compound with the formula Cs Cl This colorless solid is an important source of caesium ions in a variety of niche appliions Its crystal structure forms a major structural type where each caesium ion is coordinated by 8 chlorine ions Caesium chloride dissolves in water

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cesium chloride is an inorganic salt colorless cubic crystal sealed and stored in a cool and dry state Source of Cesium chloride It is mainly obtained from the treatment of garnet and lithium mica ore in the industry it is prepared by reacting barium carbonate with hydrochloric acid in the laboratory Cesium chloride uses in the

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I just wanted to post that I have been taking Cesium Chloride for almost 3 weeks now I have been working with a I 39ve been doing the liquid ionic cesium chloride protocol for 4 months This one calls for 3 If anyone has used BLA Azovin or Genista I would love to hear about it A lot of these drugs are

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The limited information available about the safety of cesium chloride gives rise to significant concern about its use in compounding The evidence of cesium chloride causing hypokalemia low potassium levels seizures QT prolongation and cardiac arrhythmias is particularly concerning

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Cesium Chloride is a natural mineral with the ability to penetrate the cancer cell and rapidly change its acidic pH to an alkaline pH 2 Cesium Chloride is safe when administered under the supervision of an experienced medical practitioner 3 Cesium Chloride is administered intravenously into a vein or through a medical port 4

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Cesium chloride sodium chloride 2 1 eutectic anhydrous beads 99 99 trace metals basis Cl 3 Cs 2 Na pricing

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The Pattern of Taking the Cesium Chloride Now comes the complied part You should take the Cesium for 7 days then stop for 3 days note some people prefer 5 days on and 2 days off use whatever works best for you Take the potassium magnesium and coral calcium EVERY DAY because the cesium chloride has been building up in the body during

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Caesium compounds such as caesium chloride are low hazard Natural abundance Caesium is found in the minerals pollucite and lepidolite Pollucite is found in great quantities at Bernic Lake Manitoba Canada and in the USA and from this source the element can be prepared Uses and properties John Emsley Nature s Building Blocks An A

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Jun 17 2019 nbsp 0183 32Cesium Chloride Cesium Chloride is a natural mineral with the touted ability to penetrate the cancer cell and rapidly change its acidic pH to an alkaline pH of about 8 This is theorized to destroy the enzyme systems of the cancer cell and does not allow it to reproduce or survive


Jun 29 2004 nbsp 0183 32USE OF CESIUM CHLORIDE TO CURE MALIGNANCIES By Dr James Howenstine MD June 29 2004 NewsWithViews Nobel Prize Laureate Dr Otto Warburg discovered that when he lowered the oxygen levels of tissues by 35 for 48

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Selftreatment of cancer with cesium chloride despite proven lack of efficacy continues to produce serious adverse effects Among these is hypokalemia predisposing to lifethreatening arrhythmia The mechanism of cesiumassociated hypokalemia CAH has not been described We report urinary

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The use of cesium poses significant safety risks e g heart toxicity and is potentially associated with death Cesium chloride CsCl can cause irregular heartbeats also called arrhythmias

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Cesium is an element In its natural state cesium is not radioactive However it can be made radioactive in the laboratory People use both forms of cesium for medicine Despite serious safety concerns nonradioactive cesium is taken by mouth for treating cancer This

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Cesium reacts violently with water and ice forming cesium hydroxide CsOH Cesium hydroxide is the strongest base known and will attack glass Cesium chloride CsCl and cesium nitrate CsNO 3 are cesium s most common compounds and are primarily used in the production of other chemicals Estimated Crustal Abundance 3 milligrams per kilogram

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NOTE A few individuals have read that radioactive Cesium is used by radiologists in conventional cancer treatment and asked whether this is the same as Cesium High pH Therapy No it is not Cesium High pH Therapy utilizes only unaltered naturally occurring nonradioactive Cesium in the form of a salt Cesium chloride

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Radioactive isotopes of caesium in radiation devices were used in the medical field to treat certain types of cancer but emergence of better alternatives and the use of watersoluble caesium chloride in the sources which could create wideranging contamination gradually put some of these caesium sources out of use

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The use of cesium chloride as cancer therapy should not be confused with the use of radioactive cesium 137 an artificial isotope produced in nuclear reactors as a radiation source in cancer radiotherapy This is a medically endorsed procedure but is unrelated to the biochemical properties of natural cesium 133

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