Coated abrasive containing erodable agglomerates

A coated abrasive product comprising a backing bearing on at least one major surface thereof a make coat a multiplicity of erodable agglomerates comprising

Abrasive articles

Abstract of EP0712695An abrasive article is provided which comprises a substrate 2 having a surface bearing an abrasive layer 4

Coated abrasives utilizing a moisture curable polyurethane

Coated abrasives are described comprising a backing substrate having coated thereon a moisture cured polyurethane hot melt make coating and abrasive particles

Coated abrasives

piece of coated abrasive material with the abrasive surface More speci cally sandpaper is still commonly used even though harder minerals and more

Abrasive Wikipedia

Sandpaper is a very common coated abrasive Coated abrasives are commonly the same minerals as are used for bonded abr


Abstract Coated abrasive grinding belts utilize the same abrasive minerals as grinding wheels However since coated abrasives are not dressed before use

polymer backing a polyurethane adhesive and an abrasive

and depressed portions and being coated with an abrasive anti slip layer The preferred abrasive minerals include silicon carbide and alumina The

particles with refractory material abrasive particles

Abrasive particles comprising a core of alumina based mineral coated by cathodic arc deposition with a metal boride carbide or nitride refractory material

Coated abrasive laminate disc and methods of making the same

A coated abrasive laminate disc 100 has a backing 120 with glass 125 and woven fabrics 124

Abrasive grits formed of ceramic containing oxides of

Ceramic abrasive grits comprising alpha alumina and at least about 0 5 percent by weight yttria are prepared by mixing an aqueous dispersion of alpha

of grade 36 Al 2 O 3 and Al 2 O 3 ZeO 2 coated

Interesting data showing mineral consumption during the grinding process and SEM visual identification of key differences in coated abrasive wear are presente


involves incorporating abrasive agglomerate particles in the coated abrasive SiC Silicon carbide abrasive mineral commercially available from Minnesota Mi

Coated Abrasives

sandpaper is still commonly used even though harder minerals and more For that reason the term coated abrasive is used to broadly include

Coated abrasive product comprising fused zirconia grains and

The cutting rate and useful life of conventional resin bonded coated abrasive products in extremely high pressure abrading operations is significantly increas

Abrasive article and method

2009120 Provided are abrasive articles comprising a plurality of abrasive particles and a binder wherein the binder comprises a polymer formed by a

Spiral wound abrasive belt and method

A spiral wound abrasive belt is formed from an abrasive media including a plurality of webs The webs of the abrasive media may include coated abrasives


Abstract not available for EP0527143Abstract of corresponding document US5085671Abrasive particles comprising a core of alumina

Abrasive articles and method of making and using the articles

An abrasive article comprising abrasive particles and a UV cured formulation and a filler wherein the filler is substantially transparent to UV radiation

Coated abrasive grit method for its manufacture and its

Coated abrasive grit method for its manufacture and its application in Davidovits Solid phase synthesis of a mineral blockpolymer by low

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