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Finally once you figure out the size you need and are shopping for your pump you will likely encounter the term lift This refers to the height that the sump water must be pumped before leaving the house For example many basements are 7 feet tall plus 2 feet into the sump pit for a total of 9 feet of lift

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Dec 06 2012 · I have now converted the sluice box into a suction dredge My idea is to set it next to a small creek and suck out from underneath the big boulders I have a 2 Briggs and Stratton 3 5 HP pump which delivers 150 GPM It appears to be supplying more than enough pressure and flow Now to the problem my DIY suction nozzle

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Water usually is conducted via ditch to the sluice However if the ground is rich enough it may be practicable to pump water for the sluice The feasibility of obtaining a gravity flow should first be investigated as the expense of pumping may be more than the cost of a long ditch when the cost is distributed over the yardage of gravel moved

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Mar 04 2013 · What size motor and pump are you running Is the pump a Keene type pressure pump or a trash type pump And what size is your pressure hose to the suction head I see you have a blaster nozzle in use Is that to supply water for dry land dredging cant quite make out whether it is hand held or attached to your suction head

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Sep 06 2011 · homemade Sluice gold water pump 951boogieman Loading Unsubscribe from 951boogieman Need to report the video Sign in to report inappropriate content Sign in

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Aug 14 2016 · This upgrade uses a pump to recirculate the same water through the system allowing a limited amount of water to be reused The most important thing you need to turn the sluice box you have just built into a recirculating sluice box is a pump

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High Banker Sluice Box Gold mining technology takes another leap forward with the High Banker Sluice Box These tools for mining gold speed up gold recovery even more By adding a water pump and advanced sluicing technology to the basic sluice box concept a prospector is able to shovel raw material into the system faster

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Feb 02 2019 · Looking for 2019 s Quietest Water Pump Updated on Feb 2 2019 Equipment By Bob Flickerton What Size Do I Need Water Pumps Reviews EcoPlus 396 Submersible Pump Eheim Compact Water Pump 600 Aquatop NP 302 Submersible Pump Aqueon Quietflow Submersible Utility Pump

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Sep 20 2018· To me your setup looks about the same size as a Gold Monster Sluice and they used the gas water pumps With the difference between the gas pumps and the 12 VDC pumps it s a huge step and had I gone there I would have needed to slow down the flow from the gas pump by quite a bit

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This may be a water pump a puddling box or tub or some kind of screening arrangement Because of the relative short length of the usual sampling sluice cemented gravel or gravel containing much clay must be thoroughly broken up in a puddling box or tub before being fed into the sluice

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To do a cleanup I first pick out any large pieces of gold that are stuck behind the first couple of riffles see photo above Next I unscrew the two hinge bolts that hold the sluice in the cradle and disconnect the water hose Then I put the sluice into a 5 gallon bucket and pour water down it to wash the concentrates into the bucket


CONVERT A MINI MAX INTO A BATTERY POWERED CONCENTRATOR The Mini Max Power sluice is shown here to the right being used in a water recirculating system Although we do not sell this kit you can easily build your own using tubs that are readily available from your local hardware store your local Target or other Big Box store

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Things like what type of equipment do you have the GPH running through it gold size in your area etc are important EXAMPLE I have a Keene Highbanker 10″ wide 48″ long running a 2″ trash pump rated at 8000 gph but I measured it and the actual gph going through the sluice is 6000 gph Most of the gold is in the 50 – 100 mesh

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Feb 16 2015 · Water pressure can decrease as the battery drains which is not ideal Bilge pumps are prone to surging surges in water flow which is known to wash gold out of the sluice highbanker Bilge pumps require a deep cycle battery to run which weigh a lot and can be rather pricey Batteries require charging which means a charger is now required

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Water in a pond can soak into the ground or be reused or both It is not legal to use a sluice box in a stream Using a Pump See Pumping Water You can use a water pump without a licence for hand mining if the suction intake is no larger than 1 5 inches

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Dec 02 2012· I do know Von my wielder will need to rebuild the platform the engine sits on I have a honda hp pump which I plan to use for water and also thinking about a conveyor but not sure

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What size water heater do I need A If you need the water heater to raise the water s temperature by 45 degrees Fahrenheit however the flow rate falls to about 7 gpm as indicated on the

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May 18 2015 · Rick Hughes talks about how to size a pump for a water feature What size pump will I need Duration 4 48 Sacramento Koi 30 366 views 4 48

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Optimum Slope of a sluice Slope of a sluice is generally in the range of 1 3 cm 1 2 in to 3 8 cm 1 1 2 in per 30 5 cm 1 ft depending on the size rock in the feed To move the larger rocks down the sluice requires a steeper slope or more water both of which cause greater gold losses Any number of types of collectors can be used in a sluice Most common is the use of astroturf or

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HOW MUCH PRESSURE DO YOU NEED How to Choose the Right PSI for Your Pressure Washer The experts at Pressure Washers Direct explain how to choose the right pressure washer for your

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Jun 04 2011 · I read a widely published in the 1930 account of working placer gold and shoveling in to a sluice box by a mine engineer The box was one ft wide and one foot deep running nearly full of water he claimed 98 of all his gold was within two feet of where he shoveled in his box was 8 ft long and he claimed that longer would likely have saved more of the flower size particles but only if a

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I have an A 51 sluice and its been a while but at 2000 or 3000 GPH there was only enough force to run expanded metal Water was just not deep enough and strong enough to push material over the riffles with the battery operated pump The battery had enough power to run a very small recirculating sluice

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Aug 09 2017 · What size submersible well pump do I need Here in New England the majority of private wells use a submersible well pump to draw water into the home s water system Properly sizing all of your water system s components is necessary to keep the system working properly and ensure the longevity of your well pump

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Flexible Water Hose HOSE ACCESSORY FOR OUR 12 VOLT WATER PUMPS 3 4 Inch and 1 1 8 inch Flexible Marine Hose PRICE IS PER FOOT Choose desired size from drop down menu Max length for 1 1 8 size is 9 feet Use this hose for the Mayfair cartridge water pumps Very light and very flexible just the ticket for your project

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Here is a shot of the lower end of the sluice with the water flowing For this test run I put the bilge pump in the bottom of the bucket and only filled it about with about 3 gallons of water I just wanted to test everything without filling the tub up with water In actual use this system will need about 8 gallons of water

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The disadvantage of a highbanker is that it needs almost as much water as a sluice and needs a good sized motor and pump to move the water supply up from the river source to the high banker unit The main types of deposits for which a high banker is a good choice are gravels away from the water such as bench gravels and sometimes residual

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Jun 13 2018 · A sluice box works because gold is 15 times heavier than sand and gravel and so is easily trapped by the riffles and carpet in the sluice box Dredges almost always need to be mounted on a set of floats This is because a dredge has just enough power to lift water and gravel to just above the surface of the water

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For a tank style heater size is a simple indicator of hot water needs You can estimate the necessary tank capacity in gallons based on the number of people in the house 1 or 2


depth to operate the pump You will need a minimum of 6 inches of water to feed the foot valve on the pump It may sometimes be necessary to enlarge a hole where you intend on placing the intake foot valve of the pump When using the high banker as a dredge it is important to keep the sluice and hopper as close to the water level as possible

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Water Pumps Welding Winches See All Categories Most Popular Brands Generator Wattage Calculator What Size Generator Do You Need Sump Pump 1 3 HP Well Pump Room Air Conditioner 24 000 BTU Central Air Conditioner 10 000 BTU Box Fan 20 Ceiling Fan CFL Light Bulb x4 15 Watt

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This week I went and asked how to SIZE a sluice box to the crew on a large gold prospector forum and other sluice or gravity gold recovery experts and gathered the list of emails and forum posts here below As you will see in summary most can optimize or troubleshoot a sluice box but few or none can size a gold sluice

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The formula for calculating the total gallons in a round pool is Gallons Diameter x Diameter x Average Depth x 5 9 For example see picture your pool is 25 ft in diameter the pool s shallow end is 3 ft and its deep end is 7 ft So the pool s average depth is 3 plus 7 10 divided by 2 This gives you 5 ft The pool s capacity is 25 ft x

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Hey I have to agree with peoplesman mostly there are so many variables water flow classifying size sluice box type etc The old timers said drop your sluice box an inch for every foot of sluice box length it worked for them so it should be a good starting point for you

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Jun 13 2017 · Tank drawdown capacity is the minimum amount of water stored and or delivered by the pressure tank between pump shut off and pump re start

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Power Sluices and Hibankers are available at the bottom of the page scroll down About Power Sluice Highbankers A power sluice sometimes called a highbanker or hibanker is a piece of gold prospecting equipment that uses a pump to force water through a sluice box to mimic the natural flow of a river Sometimes a hopper box with spray bars and a classifier sieve or grizzly screen is

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Mar 04 2013 · What size motor and pump are you running Is the pump a Keene type pressure pump or a trash type pump And what size is your pressure hose to the suction head I see you have a blaster nozzle in use Is that to supply water for dry land dredging cant quite make out whether it is hand held or attached to your suction head

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2 SETTING UP THE PUMP KIT Once you have the sluice properly positioned and ready to accept water flow you are now ready to set up and operate the water pump a If the machine is being used only as a Power Sluice ensure that your pump

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Aug 14 2016 · The most important thing you need to turn the sluice box you have just built into a recirculating sluice box is a pump Finding the perfect pump for your sluice box can be a daunting task but these should not discourage you from trying

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